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I started seeing Andrew a little over a year ago. I was seeking help for pervasive depression and intense periods of suicidal ideation. In our sessions together, I came to realize I was actually struggling with anxiety, and then I began to be able to see, and understand, the behaviors I was repeating that kept me miserable. I am extremely grateful for having been Andrew’s client. I have learned more about myself in our year together than I have learned in the decade before. Andy, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Andrew was instrumental in my process. He is calm, consistent, sincere and professional. I never felt like he had an agenda for our sessions, or that he would look down on me. Instead, he provided the space and assistance I needed to find answered for myself, and I always felt safe and welcome.
“I never knew that I didn’t have to believe my thoughts. I can see now that I can choose how I want to respond.”
Praise for Andrew
“you really seem to understand what I am going through.”
Praise for Andrew
I have had the privilege of working with Andrew Byrne professionally in a couple of different roles. I first met Andrew as a trainee where he was my supervisor, providing me with guidance and patience through my first year of seeing clients. Later in my career, Andrew took me on as an intern and although I worked for him, he allowed me to feel like a colleague working beside him. His collaborative approach encourages autonomy and independence while providing support and reassurance when needed.
Andrew is a unique individual in his ability to be present, compassionate and provide clear and mindful responses. Andrew spends time to thoroughly comprehend your personal difficulties as you experience them and offers insight and perspective grounded in truth, knowledge and understanding. Andrew assisted me in gaining awareness of my own processes which fostered the uncovering of my own self-empowerment. I will be forever grateful for the enriching experience of having Andrew as a supervisor and colleague and I am confident to have him at the top of my referral list for anyone seeking therapy or supervision in this field.
Holly T.

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Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

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