Relational Therapy

In everywhere we go and everything we do we are engaged in relationships.  This may be the most essential part of being human, and yet we so often feel perplexed and challenged by these relationships.  Whether it be our romantic life, our friendships, workplace interactions, or just an encounter with the stranger serving us coffee, relationships are a part of everything we do.  However, that does not mean that we always know how best to optimize those relationships.  If you find that you are struggling in a relationship of any kind, our clinicians are trained in assisting you in understanding the dynamics and patterns which cause the struggle and how to develop the kind of relationship you desire.  Just because we are relational beings does not mean we inherently know how to be in relationship; therapy is one way to strengthen that part of our life.

Individual Therapy

Being a human, let’s be real, can be downright challenging.  Not only do we have our own internal world to contend with, but then we also have the rest of the world and other humans to navigate.  At BLTC, our team understands the difficulties of being human and we strive to support our clients in finding the path that best suits that individual.  Therapy, in this way, is an attempt to support people in living the life they desire and discovering their internal strength and agency to overcome that which is not in their power to control.  Life is life, and sometimes it is helpful to have a guide when we can’t see the path for ourselves; we hope you will allow us to be that guide for you. 

Anger Management and Domestic Violence:​

Anger is an emotion that we all have, and, contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with experiencing anger, it is very simply a part of being human. From this point of view, it is not necessary, nor is it preferable or possible, to stop feeling angry. Instead, we must learn to be with the anger in effective ways, letting it tell us what it needs to say and then choosing how we want to respond to this experience. There are many situations in life that invite anger to appear, and often it makes complete sense, when we look into it, to feel this way. However, the tendency is to let anger dictate our behaviors, and this is where we can get into trouble. Therefore, rather than getting angry with anger and trying to not feel what we feel, my approach is to assist people in feeling what they feel and then tapping into their preferred response so that they can learn to effectively take care of whatever situation requires their attention.

In this way, I work with individuals and couples in the typical therapy format, as well as men in a group format as described below. While I fully understand that women also struggle with managing their emotional responses, I do not have a women’s group option at this point. I hope to at some time soon.

Court Approved Domestic Violence/Anger Management Classes for Males

Thursday – 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

These are open groups and meet the requirements for the 52 week Domestic Violence program as mandated by the probation department. For those seeking the 12-week Anger Management component, you will be invited into these groups, if space is available, as the content is the same. If there is more interest in Anger Management, and space is unavailable in the groups listed above, I will consider adding a dedicated Anger Management Group.

This location is a satellite to the Center for Mindful Relationships (, which oversees this Domestic Violence Program.

Group Therapy

For some, individual or relational therapy may not meet their needs and they may find that learning from others who share a similar struggle is helpful in their process.  Group therapy can be a way to grow and learn from the community created by that shared struggle.  The therapist, in this process, is there to facilitate this growth and allow space for the healing that occurs naturally as we experience compassion and empathy from those who share our pain.  We will be offering Group therapy on a variety of topics, so please keep an eye out for announcements.  

Our Mission Statement:

To reduce the suffering of the world, one human at a time. To increase global compassion and empathy, one relationship at a time.